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When people visited the late Florida’s Cypress Gardens, you had a great chance to see a celebrity or two. That’s because these gardens were a popular place where celebrities could watch water ski shows and view the beautiful gardens. There was so much to see and do for people of all ages. There were roller coaster rides that left you breathless. They also offered two water parks located within the grounds. The gardens were a beautiful sight with hundreds of different flowers Read the rest of this entry »

05 14th, 2013

Cypress Gardens was the first attraction to put Polk County, Florida on the tourism map. It was known for beautiful displays of plant life and amazing water shows. Tourists from around the world once traveled there to see one of the most amazing theme parks in the United States. Cypress Gardens suffered great losses during hurricane weather in the 1990′s and never fully recovered from the damages caused by three different storms.

The park met its demise after an attempt to recover from Read the rest of this entry »

03 26th, 2013

Cypress Gardens closed in 2009 because of three hurricanes, Walt Disney and terrorism. The park opened in 1936 as an extensive botanical garden grown by Dick Pope Sr. and his wife, Julie. It increased in popularity when the park instituted water skiing and declared itself as “The Water Ski Capital of the World”. Fifty water skiing world records were set at Cypress Gardens and a number of movies used Cypress Gardens as a movie set.

Competition with the Walt Disney Read the rest of this entry »

07 15th, 2012

I was online looking up a few things – Texas Energy and sewage rates – when I came across an article talking about the Florida Cypress Gardens. This was not the first time I had heard of Florida’s wilderness being threatened by industrialization. For me, I had seen it happening with the Everglades and it broke my heart to see it happening again here.

The real problem is over industrialization and the fact that Florida is now sustaining a population that it just cannot handle. Because so many people are either choosing to retire in Florida or are just arriving in from out of nowhere, the authorities and businesses are having to develop a lot more of their region to accommodate these numbers and that means destroying a lot of Florida’s natural beauty. Aside from some truly scenic parks being obliterate, countless species of wildlife are disappearing as a result of this development as well.

However, it doesn’t have to end like this and if this problem is something that is near and dear to you, as it is with me, then you need to get online and assemble. There are plenty of protest groups and environmental preservation organizations that are fighting every day for the wilds and now so can you.

First time I visited Cypress Gardens I was a young girl, maybe 9 years old and was in complete awe. Not only by the beauty of the botanical gardens but mostly by the ski show and all the good looking people and the fact that these people were making a living by water skiing. Or just by sitting on the grass in a hoop skirt waving to the crowds.
Over the last twenty years I’ve visited the park many times and seen a transformation each time. Read the rest of this entry »

I remember Cypress Gardens as a colorful place, with lush gardens filled with exotic flowers; pretty ladies in big hoop skirts sauntering around with fancy parasols and curled up hair; giant animal topiaries and acrobatic water-ski shows on the warm Lake Eloise. The time was the late 1970′s and though I wanted to check out the nearby mouse house, Cypress Gardens was more affordable and less crowded, I was told. I don’t remember being Read the rest of this entry »

02 22nd, 2012

It began as a 37-acre botanical garden, the Depression-era vision of real estate developer Dick Pope, Sr. Cypress Gardens opened in 1936 with 8,000 varieties of flowers from around the world and tropical canals that carried tourists in silent, electric-powered boats. An enthusiastic promoter, Pope advertised the park widely and the colorful “Visit Cypress Gardens” billboards became familiar landmarks along the highways of the east coast, eventually earning Pope the title “Father Of Florida Tourism.” The park’s famous water ski exhibitions began in the 1940s and exotic Read the rest of this entry »

Cyprus gardens adventure park and botanical gardens is located between Tampa and Orlando in the heart of Winter Heaven Florida. The original roots of this park date back as far as 1936 when it was first conceived. However, over the years the park has changed hands several times and undergone some major renovations. Then in 2009 the cypress gardens adventure park and botanical gardens was forced to close down due to the down turn in the economy and threats of terrorist attacks which finally had taken their toll on this once popular historical park.

However, Read the rest of this entry »

02 19th, 2012

Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida was founded by Dick Pope and his wife Julie in 1936. They began by growing 8,000 different types of plants for tourist to see. In 1938 they added electric boats so that the visitors would be able to tour the canals. In 1940 water ski shows and southern belles were added. The southern belles were added to distract the visitors from noticing a huge dead vine. Over the year more attractions were added such as a boat driving dog, a skier with huge feet and more southern belles to roam the grounds and visit with the guest. Read the rest of this entry »